9 of the best gifts for solo female travellers

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If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, chances are you’re in search of the perfect gift for a solo female traveler or a present for a woman who simply loves exploring the world!

As a solo female traveler, I understand the joys and challenges that come with embarking on journeys alone. From helpful tools to help a solo traveller take photos of themselves to making sure they’re prepared for their trip, I’ve curated a list with a variety of thoughtful, practical and inspiring gift ideas for female adventurers.


Memory-maker gifts for solo female travellers

1. Joby Tripod

What is it?
The Joby Tripod is a flexible and portable support system for cameras, action cameras and smart phones. It’s different to the traditional tripod in that it has bendable legs, which can be wrapped around objects, as well as leverage a camera on flat and uneven surfaces.

Why are these are great?
As a solo traveller, I love this one because it’s compact and versatile. This tripod is easy to set-up – and quick because there aren’t any extendable legs. Because of its rubber foots grips on its legs, it can be set up on any surface – and its legs can also be wrapped around other surfaces that a traditional tripod cannot – fences, tree branches, posts etc. It makes a great travel tripod because it can fit into a backpack and it’s fairly lightweight.

Browse the Joby Tripod options here.

2. Insta360 X3 Camera

What is it?
The Insta360 x3 is a small camera that is unique because it captures 360-degree photos and videos.

Why are these are great?
The Insta360 x3 is a handy camera for solo travellers because of it 360-degree feature but also because of the Insta360 invisible 2-in-1 selfie stick and tripod (sold separately), which means you can get great solo shots

Browse the Insta360 x3 camera and accessories (including the invisible selfie stick) here.



Practical gifts for the solo female travellers

3. Portable Power Bank

What is it?
A power bank is a portable power source that stores electrical energy and can charge devices (phones, laptops, etc).

Why are these are great?
As a solo female traveller in a digital in world, it’s always important to have your phone charged. Phones are often a lifeline to access funds, booking confirmations, tickets, transportation, safety and much more, as well as being the key to always making sure your ready to snap a photo when the opportunity arrises. The exact power bank I have is fairly old and no longer available, but here are some alternatives: this one can charge a mobile phone approximately 4 times (it can also partially charge a laptop) and this one can charge multiple devices at once (mobile phones, tablets, etc but not laptops).

4. Personal Alarm

What is it?
A keychain-sized personal alarm is a portable device that emits a loud siren-like sound when activated.

Why are these are great?
These are such a simple form of defence for solo female travellers as they deter attackers, attract attention and provide some peace of mind. They are also compact and convenient to pack.

Two brands that a rated quite highly are Birdie and Hootie. Here are the Hootie alarms in a variety of colours: red, mint green, lavender, navy, and black.

5. Packing Cubes

What are these?
Packing cubes are lightweight bags (that come in a variety of sizes) that helps you organise and seperate items in your suitcase or backpack while travelling.

Why are these are great?
These have been a game changer for me when living out of a suitcase. Instead of having to dig through a suitcase of clothes and everything else, the cubes keep your items organised (i.e. tops in one cube, underwear in another, etc). They help maximise space and save a lot of time spent unpacking and repacking.

I have had Kathmandu packing cubes for years, you can find similar ones from Kathmandu here.


Handy gifts for the solo female travellers

6. Waterproof playing cards

What are these?
Playing cards but more durable and waterproof.

Why are these are great?
These durable and waterproof cards would be great for any traveller. I can’t even count the number of times when I’ve been travelling that a decks of cards has been whipped out and played among fellow travellers. (Albeit, usually not waterproof and a bit tatty.) Whether it’s on a group tour on a long bus ride or at a hostel for pre drinks before exploring a city’s nightlife, cards are a great way to pass time and connect with other traveller’s with a friendly, well-known game. Depending on their taste, there are traditional designed cards available here or you could opt for something a little flashier with the black or gold design cards here.



Gifts for the first-time solo female travellers

7. Lonely Planet’s “The Solo Travel Handbook”

What is this?
A guidebook to travelling solo.

Why would this be great?
This book would be a great gift for a first time solo travel because it’ll have tips, tricks and guides on what to expect, how to prepare and much more. You can buy or read more about it here.

8. A novel or non-fiction book about solo female travel 

What is this?
A selection of novels and memoirs about a woman travelling solo.

Why would one of these be great?

A book about solo female travel could make a good reading companion on someone’s next trip or to inspire or build some excitement before they go! A few of the books that would be great for new-to-solo-travel readers:

“Girls Who Travel” by Nicole Trivilas: I remember reading this booking around the time I first started travelling solo and I couldn’t put it down. A novel about a woman travelling solo on backpacking and working holiday trip. The back of the book reads “a novel about finding your way to yourself – and the unexpected detours that make the tip truly unforgettable.” You can buy or read more about it here.

“How Not To Travel The World” by Lauren Juliff: In this memoir, Lauren Juliff recounts the journey to heal herself through travel. However, her experiences are fraught with misfortune, including scams, assaults, natural disasters, and near-death encounters.  Just as she is ready to give up, she unexpectedly meets someone who brings new excitement to her travels. You can buy or read more about it here.

“What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding” by Kristin Newman: In this book, Kristin Newman recounts her solo travels around the world while her friends settled down. Through humor and introspection, she shares how these adventures transformed her into a more carefree and adventurous person. You can buy or read more about it here.


Gifts for the tricky-to-buy-for solo female travellers

9. Foreign currency

What is this?
The currency of a different country – ideally the national currency the solo female traveller is visiting or, if you’re unsure, USD is always a preferred currency in many countries for exchange.

Why would this be great?
Cash is always handy to have when travelling as it provides convenience and security.


I’d love to know if you’ve received a gift for your solo travels or if you have any other ideas that would make great gifts for women who love travel. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The personal alarms are such a great idea (though I wish we didn’t need them…). Thank you for sharing this great gift guide!

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